Polymega Busted Using Arcade Footage to Show Off System Running Sega Saturn

Polymega a new system boasting the ability to play all your retro classics from cart systems like snes and turbografx, along with cd systems like ps1 and turbocd. The big reveal was Sega Saturn though they had the internet going nuts, myself included. But upon further investigation it looks like the Polymega team has been busted faking the funk. While we were all excited about Saturn it seems the gameplay footage was from the Sega Rally arcade game according to @saturnmemories on Twitter.

7 Gameboy Color hidden gems – Radical Reggie

Radical Reggie shows off 7 hidden gems for the Gameboy Color.

Gradius 2 [NES] – The Famicom Classic the West was Denied & 1CC Delta Run

The Shmup Master is back with another gem where he crushes gradius 2 for the Famicom.. I need this game in my collection wtf I’m sleeping.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire Live @ SuperChief 4/28 Pre-Sale/Giveaway!

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Paprium Has Been Pushed Back… Again

Shocker, Paprium has been pushed back again! This time with the presumption it’ll be out in October of 2018 for the 30TH anniversary of the MegaDrive aka Genesis. Details are extremely vague at this point, even the release date was vague and unspecific. The one specific they did give was that the Datenmeister doesn’t work… According to Fonzie from Watermelon Games that there was a manufacturing issue which he gives 0 details about. What I do know is that Watermelon Games was banking on this game using this semiconductor which betters the audio and the Meg power of the game… Let’s break this down, over one year ago Watermelon Games announces the Datenmeister chip on the 24th of March 2017… 3 days later the funding campaign starts exactly one year later were told the big bad semi conductor watermelon games developed for Paprium is garbage and will no longer be used….

Does not having the Datenmeister effect smoothness of gameplay? Will it effect sound and music? Will it effect the colors and how many sprites can be on screen? What will now be the overall expected performance of the game? None of these questions answered. Also not to be a total dick but backers were promised this game would be running the Datenmeister because you’re no longer using this pricey semi conducter what are using in its place? Does it have the same cost? Was the initial sale price reflecting the Datenmeister being used? If so what are we getting in return for our investment if something less expensive and less premium is being used?

Dongled aka Miketendo a YouTuber who’s bread and butter is RetroGames sounded off on his channel about the delay (video here) , this brought the music composer of Paprium to the discussion in which he shared this,

His comment while positive set off some red flags for me… Here was my response to his post.

This all raises concerns, an ost that was completed 4 years before the announcement of Paprium… How can you make an Ost without actually having a game as a guide? How do you set the tone, musical transitions due to gameplay or things changing in levels when the music has been done for years! … How does not having the Datenmeister effect this, will it effect the music or sound effects or the quality of music/sounds? Who knows… You can read what Fonzie wrote on Facebook… Ya not the official paprium.com though I guess it was too hard to copy and paste.

I want to have high hopes for this, I really do. But I’m very skeptical at this point.

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for your patience. It’s been exactly one year since we started taking orders for PAPRIUM (and a couple more years of wait for our hardcore MGF fans), It’s been extremely stressful year for everyone, we bet.
Regarding what’s going on:
We had an issue with the “DATENMEISTER” chip-set manufacturing which resulted in some last minute changes. I’ve worked round-the-clock for the last couple of weeks to find a workaround and been very scarce on updates, my apologies.
In the next (couple) days we have to adjust the game to reflect those changes. Moreover, in the mean time, there will be an additional round of QC and testing.
Rest assured everyone involved has been working hard to solve all the issues and ensure a superior product. Our aim is to deliver the ultimate Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game, in time for the system 30’th anniversary.
For people who wait has ran out (well understandable) – as usual – we offer a full refund. Please contact the support at bottom of WM’s magical game factory page for details or questions.
Thanks everyone for your comprehension, and my sincere apology for the lack of news.
PS: We are also sending this message through newsletter, it could take several hours for dispatch, thanks for your understanding.

Nike x Playstation x Paul George Sneakers 

Paul George is getting a beautiful signature shoe this year by Nike in collaboration with Sony Playstation. The sneaker looks great and I assume will sell like gangbusters. 

How to Play, Capture and Stream Real Arcade Games at home with a Supergun – No Emulation ! 

Modern Vintage Gaming show off the amazing Supergun! Wow this thing is so rad. If you want to play arcade game I gotta say this might be a must have. 

Unboxing The Last Licensed North American NES Game: Wario’s Woods! FACTORY SEALED!

Miketendo breaks the seal on Wario Woods for NES. Check it out above. 

Super Mario Land 2 DX!? 

Big News just came in… Rom hacker Toruzz has released this beautiful Rom Patch of the incredible Super Mario Land 2 in full color and will play perfectly on original hardware. Act fast though as once this wind hits Nintendo’s sails they’ll crush it. Source link below.