Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Controller

While I was celebrating the birthday of Nintendo Switch with the Team on Saturday, this little beauty showed up on my doorstep. I’ll be doing an unboxing, 1st impressions, and overview tonight on our twitch channel.

Jusco 30th Anniversary Nintendo 64 Unboxing Rare Japanese N64

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The Japan exclusive Jusco 30th Anniversary Nintendo 64 console unboxing. This unit was sold only in the retail chain Jusco and so far on the search I've not been able to see how many consoles had been produced. These beautiful two tone clear grey and transparent N64's are different to the Charcoal or Smoke Black. They are a slightly lighter grey with a clear base and it's contents are exactly the same as all other standard Nintendo 64 consoles sold. The collectable side of this unit is that they didn't come up for sale very often and it's only recently more have become available. @team1upem #NintendoCollector #Nintendo #N64 #Nintendo64 #Gamer #GamerGirl #Collector #retrogamecollecting #retrocollective #retro #Pikachu #Rare #Consoles #gaming #videogames #gamersunite #GamersOfAus #gamersofinstagram #gamersoftheworld #Rare #Jusco #30thAnniversary #Team1UpEm #RetroGamer #RetroGaming Moments by Sappheiros Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0… Music provided by Music for Creators

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Nintendo 64 Major League Baseball starring Ken Griffey Jr. Australian Exclusive

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This week we have one of the final Australia exclusive N64 PAL releases I own. The game Major League Baseball starring Ken Griffey Jr. – It surprises me that it falls into the exclusive category. I don't even know if back in '98 baseball was really that popular in Australia. Any whoo this was one game that i'll admit I found hard to get into and play. I just don't understand the rules of baseball as it turns out. The key features of this title are that it does have the official licensing of players (not that I really know who they are – sorry baseball fans) and that you can play batting as arcade or classic. Pretty neat! Oh and the camera angles also are very good for an older sports game. Overall it's not for me but I like the fact that it's an exclusive game and very happy to own it. So anyone else like this game? After some research apparently it had a big fan base @Team1UpEm #MajorLeague #MajorLeagueBaseball #Baseball #NintendoCollector #Nintendo #N64 #Nintendo64 #Gamer #GamerGirl #GamerGuy #Collector #retrogamecollecting#retrocollective #retro #Rare #Consoles #gaming #videogames#gamersunite #GamersOfAus#gamersofinstagram #gamersoftheworld #Team1UpEm #RetroGamer #RetroGaming

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HSV Adventure Racing – N64 Australian Exclusive

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HSV Adventure Racing was an Australian exclusive for the N64 console and released in 1999. This release of the game changes the original Beetle's (VW) with a very Aussie car the HSV Commodore <insert chant> Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!! Game play is pretty fun and I think that the Nintendo 64 catalogue of racing games at the time was really strong. Always so many good ones to choose from. Anyone else agree? Hands up if you have a copy of this game? Mine I was lucky enough to purchase after I rented it so much from Blockbuster. Ripped label and all 😊 Every Wednesday I hope to bring more knowledge of exclusive games to Australia, updates on gaming news or releases set for Australian shores plus i'll be sharing interviews of other AWESOME Aussie gamers @Team1UpEm ____________________ #Team1UpEm #N64 #Nintendo64 #GamersOfTheWorld #Instagram #PicOfTheDay #N64 #Nintendo #NintendoCollector #HSV #Commodore #Gamer #instagramgamers #instagramgaming #gamersunite #girlswhogame #girlsthatgame

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Exclusive to the Australian PAL market is the HSV Adventure Racing game. The title was released in 1999 for us Aussies and depicts our well known Commodore. The original release was for the VW Beetle that had recently had a revamp in 1998.

Super cool game to play if you haven’t already!

$400 N64 with HDMI?! Is it WORTH IT?! – Metal Jesus Rocks

Metal Jesus gives us the run down of the new N64 hdmi mod. It’s pricey but is it worth it? 

Tron Themed N64

Diego Orta made this beautiful Tron themed N64 that glows like something from out of this world. A truly stunning and beautiful piece.