Greg from Console Wars Needs Our Help, “Goodbye from Greg.” w/ Update

PSA: Hey Retro Gamer friends last night Greg from “console wars” on YouTube posted a disturbing and sad story. Greg seems to be fighting depression and appears to possibly be suicidal. Please visit the console wars YouTube channel and please leave a comment for Greg just let him know he’s awesome. His show is one of the best on YouTube, despite him being a Nintendo fan the guy is rad and a great talent. So please give him a visit and show him so love he needs it right now.

It looks like Greg took down his video but his partner has given an update

Feel free to send Greg a physical letter by using this address.
Console Wars
P.O. Box 555
Iselin NJ 08830

Console Wars – Home Alone 2 – Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis

The console Wars are back at it and in the holiday spirit dueling it out with Home Alone 2.  Which game is better you’ll need to watch to find out.