PSVita is Dust In The Wind…

I hacked my Vita last night and heard today that Sony Japan will no longer be manufacturing the Vita starting in 2019. Shortly after the announcement the deathblow came from Limited Run games announcing they’d stop releasing Vita games in 2019. Stick a fork in her, she’s done.

Introducing PlayStation Classic w/ Pre-Order

Well, it’s now been announced dropping just in time for Christmas with a price tag of $99 the Sony playstation classic! It will include 20 games, has hdmi out and appears to come with wired controllers. Games that appear in the video we can expect at launch… Final Fantasy 7, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash. Thats only 5 of the 20 games, what other psone classics would you like see come to this mini console? My wanted games, Castlevania SOTN, Motor Toon Grand Prix, and Alundra. Make. It happen Sony!

pre order now at bestbuy

Greg from Console Wars Needs Our Help, “Goodbye from Greg.” w/ Update

PSA: Hey Retro Gamer friends last night Greg from “console wars” on YouTube posted a disturbing and sad story. Greg seems to be fighting depression and appears to possibly be suicidal. Please visit the console wars YouTube channel and please leave a comment for Greg just let him know he’s awesome. His show is one of the best on YouTube, despite him being a Nintendo fan the guy is rad and a great talent. So please give him a visit and show him so love he needs it right now.

It looks like Greg took down his video but his partner has given an update

Feel free to send Greg a physical letter by using this address.
Console Wars
P.O. Box 555
Iselin NJ 08830

Engadget Suggesting Readers Buy Bootleg Chinese Knockoff Retro Consoles

Oh boy… Engadget you should be ashamed… You got some explaining to do. Today on Engadget, they suggested to readers to buy Bootleg Chinese Knockoff Retro Consoles. Not only is that scummy, but they’re saying it’s a great deal! Get it now for $50 on sale from $300 what a steal! What disgusting journalism here’s an exact quote from their site,


While it’s harder than ever to get your hands on an original old school gaming system, this Retro Entertainment Console comes with more than 600 pre-loaded games based on classics like Super Mario Bros, PacMan, and Tetris. It’s normally $300, but you can pick one up today for just $50, saving over 80 percent.

Even upon posting this more atrocious things come to light it seems Engadget is making money off the links it’s providing to these sellers of bootleg consoles. Just gross.

Get a real device from a trusted seller and sold by the actual company such as Nintendo. Better yet, buy a raspberry pi 3 and make your own for the same price as this garbage.

Polymega Busted Using Arcade Footage to Show Off System Running Sega Saturn

Polymega a new system boasting the ability to play all your retro classics from cart systems like snes and turbografx, along with cd systems like ps1 and turbocd. The big reveal was Sega Saturn though they had the internet going nuts, myself included. But upon further investigation it looks like the Polymega team has been busted faking the funk. While we were all excited about Saturn it seems the gameplay footage was from the Sega Rally arcade game according to @saturnmemories on Twitter.

Polymega Official Launch Trailer

Welp, color me impressed. This thing is beautiful, the price is perfect, it plays pc engine cd, and they used the Saturn as a selling point which was unusually cool. And the fact all the systems output in HD is lovely. As I stated before I want that pc engine controller.

RGB314 :: RetroTINK-2X – Lag-Free Composite, S-Video, & Component to HDMI / MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming takes a look at the RetroTINK, I want one of these bad!