Is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [NES] Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk

Snes Drunk gives us the nitty gritty on Robin Hood for NES is worth it? Watch and find out.

Nike x Playstation x Paul George Sneakers 

Paul George is getting a beautiful signature shoe this year by Nike in collaboration with Sony Playstation. The sneaker looks great and I assume will sell like gangbusters. 

These Games DESPERATELY Need HD Remasters – Game Sack

Game Sack shows off some games that need a remaster and honestly I couldn’t agree more with Dave’s choice of Jumping Flash one of my favorite games ever. 

RIP Bob Wakelin

Bob Wakelin legendary video game artist has passed away. Video game artists don’t get the spotlight they deserve but their art is truly timeless. Mr. Wakelin has made some incredibly iconic artwork for Ocean (he even created the logo) and for Infograms. Check some of his Iconic art after the break. Continue reading “RIP Bob Wakelin”

How a TV Works in Slow Motion (CRT/Flat)  – The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo guys show us how tvs work and anyone who follows team1upem knows how much we love tvs! 

Ultraman: Towards the Future retrospective: Leave it in the past | Super NES Works #015

Jeremy Parrish revisits Ultraman a very Japanese and early snes game. 

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back | The Completionist

The completionist is back with another episode of New Game Plus. This time he takes on Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. 

Hyperkin’s Mega RetroN HD!?

As you may or may not know CES went down recently and Hyperkin got a ton of press on their Ultra Gameboy which we covered. Something that went under the radar was this little guy, Mega RetroN HD confirmed by Hyperkin on Facebook with a unknown release date.

They also confirmed that the Mega RetroN HD will not be emulation but pure hardware baby! So that means the sound should be close to, if not spot on. I assume that also means better compatibility.