$400 N64 with HDMI?! Is it WORTH IT?! – Metal Jesus Rocks

Metal Jesus gives us the run down of the new N64 hdmi mod. It’s pricey but is it worth it? 

RetroGame Handheld Emulator Console Review 

ETA Prime gives us the breakdown of the RetroGame Handheld (is this the most generic name ever). It uses the Revo k101 body and allows good emulation for a number of retro consoles could be a good alternative to the psp if the price is right. 

Spider-Man – 3D Games Review by Mike Matei

Mike Matei known for Cinnemassacre is giving some reviews for the 3d spiderman games. I enjoyed the original on psx and Dreamcast. 

The Atari NES | How The NES Almost Became Atari’s Console 

This is the story of the Atari NES. Sadly guru Larry is in this video so I suggest turning your ad blockers on. 

Fish Dude retrospective: The dude abides | Game Boy Works #096

The great Jeremy Parrish gives us another installment of Gameboy Works. This time for the Gameboy rarity Fish Dude. 

DIY Mini Raspberry Pi 3 Arcade Cabinet Battery Powered!

ETA Prime shows off this sweet little raspberry pi 3 mini cab! Damn I want one! 

The Japanese Sony PlayStation 2 PSX DVR – A Flawed Masterpiece. Review, Softmod, USB HDD, Games

Here’s an in depth look at the PS2 DVR. I almost bought one of these a little while back for $180 but it wasn’t fully functional so I passed. Here’s a great look at the system though.