Palamedes retrospective: An unlucky roll of the dice | Game Boy Works #101

Palamedes is one of my favorite hidden gems for NES and apparently it’s also on Gameboy… I need this, as it looks fantastic. Take a look at this lovely retrospective.

Celebrating the Wii Shop: Virtual Console & WiiWare Games :: Game Showcase – MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming remembers the amazing Wii ware and virtual console aka the Wii shop by Nintendo. I personally loved it. I spent a fortune on the virtual console and ironically that’s what got me back into collecting.

Game Packaging I Have Never Seen Before by John Hancock

John shows off a rare Sega Master System box. I’ve never seen one like this, pretty awesome!

The Ambitious Music of Tim Follin | Punching Weight [SSFF]

Stop Skeletons From Fighting is back with a new Punching Weight video this time looking back on an underground composer Tim Follin.

Shmup Master: An Introduction to The Guardian Legend [NES] & 1CC Run in SHMUP Mode

The Shmup Master is back! This time he’s showing off the Compile classic The Guardian Legend. A very under the radar game for the system, it gets tons of love from the people know it though.

These Games DESPERATELY Need HD Remasters – Game Sack

Game Sack shows off some games that need a remaster and honestly I couldn’t agree more with Dave’s choice of Jumping Flash one of my favorite games ever.