Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio: Episode 07 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 07
In this fantastic Episode Edd and Benny hop aboard the Nintendo hype train! They also talk upcoming events, open Amiibo’s and so much more.
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Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 06 Presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 6!
In this fantastic episode Edd loses a bet and has to put or shut up. Benny talks about gaming on the Brooklyn Bridge and so much more! Tune in subscribe and rate!

Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio: Episode 05 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 05
In this episode Ed and Benny sit down with youtubers Alex CND, Triforce and Deadly Alliance. They talk the Switchversary and Smash Bros for Switch and much more!

Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio: Episode 04

1upem radio 04 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 04

The boys talk Katsucon, Celeste for Nintendo Switch, Fortnite, and much more!

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Team1upem Radio: Episode 03 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 03
In this spine tingling adventure we do an interview with Team 1-Up ‘Em head honcho Jaybaam. Check it out and make sure to subscribe and rate!

Team1upem Radio: Episode 02 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 2!
Edd has a nervous breakdown, the men go retro game hunting, Benny and Edd talk duke it out in Dragonball FighterZ and much more! Tune in for another spine tingling adventure in 1-Up ‘Em Radio!

Team1upem Radio: Episode 01 presents Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 01

In this episode the Benny and Edd reassmble after an event in Denver. They talk about the latest Nintendo announcements, Labo, Mario Kart Mobile, Nintendo Online, The Super Mario Movie, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Edd doesn’t like Dr. Mario, Benny doesn’t like Rabbids and much more!

Team1 Up ‘Em x Senpai Project: Hot Tub Time Machine Party!

Team1UpEm Presents:

Our newest installation, in conjunction with SuperChief Gallery NY and Senpai Project: Hot Tub Time Machine. This event includes 5 hot tubs, thousands of retro and modern video games available for free play, three live bands, DJs and much more. Bands include, The Love Howl, The Manimals, Hannah Vs. The Many. Come join us for a great night of gaming, music and fun!

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HSV Adventure Racing – N64 Australian Exclusive

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HSV Adventure Racing was an Australian exclusive for the N64 console and released in 1999. This release of the game changes the original Beetle's (VW) with a very Aussie car the HSV Commodore <insert chant> Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!! Game play is pretty fun and I think that the Nintendo 64 catalogue of racing games at the time was really strong. Always so many good ones to choose from. Anyone else agree? Hands up if you have a copy of this game? Mine I was lucky enough to purchase after I rented it so much from Blockbuster. Ripped label and all 😊 Every Wednesday I hope to bring more knowledge of exclusive games to Australia, updates on gaming news or releases set for Australian shores plus i'll be sharing interviews of other AWESOME Aussie gamers @Team1UpEm ____________________ #Team1UpEm #N64 #Nintendo64 #GamersOfTheWorld #Instagram #PicOfTheDay #N64 #Nintendo #NintendoCollector #HSV #Commodore #Gamer #instagramgamers #instagramgaming #gamersunite #girlswhogame #girlsthatgame

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Exclusive to the Australian PAL market is the HSV Adventure Racing game. The title was released in 1999 for us Aussies and depicts our well known Commodore. The original release was for the VW Beetle that had recently had a revamp in 1998.

Super cool game to play if you haven’t already!

Arcade Classics: Rampage Review

I recently picked up the new Big Fun Arcade Classics: Rampage. A Midway classic ported to mini cab and sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. This is a hacked version of the Data East port on the NES, it adds the extra player Ralph the Wolf. It has a nice LCD Screen which displays the game beautifully. The mold of the cab is made from blue plastic which makes it unique from the others in the collection. Continue reading “Arcade Classics: Rampage Review”