Gradius 2 [NES] – The Famicom Classic the West was Denied & 1CC Delta Run

The Shmup Master is back with another gem where he crushes gradius 2 for the Famicom.. I need this game in my collection wtf I’m sleeping.

Shmup Master: An Introduction to The Guardian Legend [NES] & 1CC Run in SHMUP Mode

The Shmup Master is back! This time he’s showing off the Compile classic The Guardian Legend. A very under the radar game for the system, it gets tons of love from the people know it though.

Shmup Master: Gradius [NES] – Dueling 1CC Runs – Feat. Brasel the Gamer

My favorite YouTuber “Shmup Master” teams up with Brasel the Gamer to do a dual 1cc run of Gradius for NES.