The Burgertime Mini Arcade Review – Game Chasers

The Game Chasers give a review of the mini Burgertime arcade cab. Something I wanted real bad… But after watching the video I’m glad I didn’t waste my money.

The adventures of pinocchio Review (Game Boy Unreleased) – Benevolent Dick

Benevolent Dick blesses us with a nice review of Adventures of Pinocchio an unreleased game for Game Boy. Watch the review to find out if this games worth your time. 

Retro Gaming Club: GOTM 1/18 – Road Rash II

Road Rash II for The Sega Genesis was developed by Electronic Arts, its arcade racing gaming with some action elements. Youre an illegal motorcycle racer who races for cash and is often chased by the police. You can punch, kick, and use weapons to knock the police and other racers from their bike. You can use money you win from races to purchase new bikes which can effect the way you drive. It has 25 levels of butt kickin’ action, do you have what it takes to be the street racing king?

This is a classic and one of the best games on the Genesis/Megadrive join me as I play through it for our Retro Gaming Club game of the month. Do you have any fond memories of this classic? Do you love it, hate it, never played it (GASP!)?

Tell us how you feel about the game in the comments and feel free to vote on our poll in the FORUMS.


Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (NES) Review – Repro Roundup

@Shauntendo64 brings his latest video in the Repro Roundup series. This time Shaun visits Super Mario Bros 3mix. Shaun does some great reviews and admittedly he also makes some great repros as well, thanks for my Wings of Wor and Elimantion Down. 

Classic Game Room – BLASTER MASTER ZERO review for Nintendo Switch

Marc aka Lord Karnage giving us a review of Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. 

RetroGame Handheld Emulator Console Review 

ETA Prime gives us the breakdown of the RetroGame Handheld (is this the most generic name ever). It uses the Revo k101 body and allows good emulation for a number of retro consoles could be a good alternative to the psp if the price is right. 

Spider-Man – 3D Games Review by Mike Matei

Mike Matei known for Cinnemassacre is giving some reviews for the 3d spiderman games. I enjoyed the original on psx and Dreamcast. 

Super Retro-Cade Review – Rerez

Rerez does an in depth review of Retro Bits newest plug n play Super Retro-Cade. Does it improve where the Generations suffered? Watch the video to find out.