The Paprium and Watermelon Games Debacle

Watermelon Games are throwing a party this weekend for the release of their long awaited games Paprium. While people are excited for the release there’s still a lot of drama and shadiness on the heels of this celebration. Vega weighs in.

Cast Your Votes Now for /r/retrogaming 1987 & 1977 Game of the Year awards!

The good people at r/reddit came up with a stellar idea of having a Game of the Year Awards! The gates are open cast our votes now!

Game Sack: Our Recent Convention Pick-Ups PLAYED and REVIEWED!

Game Sack shows off some of their recent convention pick-ups. Some are pretty cool, there’s also a guest spot from Metal Jesus which is pretty cool. 


Bithead1000 is a great but fairly unknown YouTuber. The dude is the realest. He reminds me of everyone I grew up with ta great knowledge of pc engine and lack of drug habit. He’s going for a full NES set slowly but surely. But this native tri-stater is one of the best on the internet. 

Shmup Master: Gradius [NES] – Dueling 1CC Runs – Feat. Brasel the Gamer

My favorite YouTuber “Shmup Master” teams up with Brasel the Gamer to do a dual 1cc run of Gradius for NES. 

Tate Mode Engaged!

I recently went to NYC for our November Team1upem 80s/90s hiphop night, and while I was there Jaybaam and I hit the dump and we found this Dell Monitor that had multiple video inputs, one of which being S-video and I thought perfect for Tate mode shmups. I hooked it up to my Saturn and it works beautifully. I cant wait to hook it up to some other systems like the dreamcast and playstation to see how it runs.

BEST GAMING XMAS GIFTS 80s and 90s – Happy Console Gamer

The Happy Console Gamer brings us back to the golden years of Christmas with some great memories from his childhood. 

The Turbo Express Overview by Turboviews

The fantastic YouTube channel “Turbo Views” whom chronologically reviews Turbografx16 games is back this time he gives us his views on the mighty Turbo Express.