Aussie Rules Footy for the NES!

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In 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System developers Beam Software from Melbourne, Australia released the Aussie Rules Footy game. An exclusive to our PAL region (and Australia) the simulation game depicts in third person our Australian Rules Football #AussieRules. It's game play is pretty similar to the rules / moves of the actual real life game. Most of the teams you're able to select are still teams today but I am not sure if at that time there was a few thrown in like Darwin and Canberra. Overall this is a cool game that I am pretty happy with how it still stands up to the test of time. I do love a classic and I think this one has it in spades. Kicking it out of bounds on the full is also pretty funny. The voice over reminds me of my Uncle haha. @Team1UpEm I can't wait to see all the other International posts this week 👌 Remember to swipe to see the video 👉👈 #Team1UpEm #NES #Nintendo #NintendoCollector #RetroGamer #RetroGaming #Gaming #FunFact #GamerGirl #AustralianFootball #Football #Collector

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Unboxing The Last Licensed North American NES Game: Wario’s Woods! FACTORY SEALED!

Miketendo breaks the seal on Wario Woods for NES. Check it out above. 

Kickstarter: NESmaker

NESmaker is a cool little project I found out about the other day. Basically you get a software that will help you build games on your PC without any knowledge of coding or programming. This was done years ago on the Playstation One with RPG Maker but this NES project seems very cool and appealing. One of the tiers for backing on Kickstarter is getting the software, a rom board, rom flasher, and cart to make your very own playable NES cart for your Nintendo Entertainment system. Let’s say you make a game you can upload the rom online to share. If it gets good feedback you can essentially buy a ton of rom board and blank carts and make your own games to possibly give away to friends. A pretty rad concept and an excellent reason to buy. When I found out about the project they we’re about $20,000 in on their $32,000 at the time of writing this article, they’ve smashed their goal and heading right around $40,000 with 27 days left. This project has my attention and possibly my backing. To support NESmaker Check it out HERE.

Hyperkin’s Ultra Gameboy

CES has been going down all week and one of the head turners was the Ultra Gameboy by Hyperkin. Hyperkin is hoping to resurrect the Gameboy in 2018 with a price tage of 100 dollars or less. While the design looks pretty nice and it boasts some interesting features such as backlight lit black and white screen a 6 hour lithium battery that charges with a USB-C cable, stereo speakers which is odd because Gameboy games only output mono sound but this is apparently for the audiophiles that make chiptunes with their Gameboy. I’m not too impressed by this considering I can buy an SP or DS for 20 bucks any day of the week and those are in color! EIther way an interesting device that has us interested.

HSV Adventure Racing – N64 Australian Exclusive

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HSV Adventure Racing was an Australian exclusive for the N64 console and released in 1999. This release of the game changes the original Beetle's (VW) with a very Aussie car the HSV Commodore <insert chant> Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!! Game play is pretty fun and I think that the Nintendo 64 catalogue of racing games at the time was really strong. Always so many good ones to choose from. Anyone else agree? Hands up if you have a copy of this game? Mine I was lucky enough to purchase after I rented it so much from Blockbuster. Ripped label and all 😊 Every Wednesday I hope to bring more knowledge of exclusive games to Australia, updates on gaming news or releases set for Australian shores plus i'll be sharing interviews of other AWESOME Aussie gamers @Team1UpEm ____________________ #Team1UpEm #N64 #Nintendo64 #GamersOfTheWorld #Instagram #PicOfTheDay #N64 #Nintendo #NintendoCollector #HSV #Commodore #Gamer #instagramgamers #instagramgaming #gamersunite #girlswhogame #girlsthatgame

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Exclusive to the Australian PAL market is the HSV Adventure Racing game. The title was released in 1999 for us Aussies and depicts our well known Commodore. The original release was for the VW Beetle that had recently had a revamp in 1998.

Super cool game to play if you haven’t already!

The adventures of pinocchio Review (Game Boy Unreleased) – Benevolent Dick

Benevolent Dick blesses us with a nice review of Adventures of Pinocchio an unreleased game for Game Boy. Watch the review to find out if this games worth your time. 

The Super Nintendo in 1991 – Classic Gaming Quarterly 

Classic Gaming Quarterly is back with a new video about the SNES back in the good ol days of 1991. 

Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (NES) Review – Repro Roundup

@Shauntendo64 brings his latest video in the Repro Roundup series. This time Shaun visits Super Mario Bros 3mix. Shaun does some great reviews and admittedly he also makes some great repros as well, thanks for my Wings of Wor and Elimantion Down. 

Limited Edition Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary SNES Cart – Gamester81

Gamester81 shows off the new Street Fighter 2 anniversary edition. I hope it doesn’t blow up his super Nintendo 😁