Paperboy 2 retrospective: A game about nothing? | Super NES Works #018

Jeremy is back this time with a SNES Retrospective on Paperboy 2.

F-1 Race and the Nintendo 4-Player Adapter: A mess o’ multiplayer | Game Boy Works #110

Jeremy Parrish shows us some 4 player action on the Gameboy. F-1 Race!

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Ghostbusters II retrospective: We’re ready to relieve you | Game Boy Works #102

Jeremy Parrish gives us the rundown of Ghostbusters II for the latest episode of Gameboy works.

Palamedes retrospective: An unlucky roll of the dice | Game Boy Works #101

Palamedes is one of my favorite hidden gems for NES and apparently it’s also on Gameboy… I need this, as it looks fantastic. Take a look at this lovely retrospective.

Ultraman: Towards the Future retrospective: Leave it in the past | Super NES Works #015

Jeremy Parrish revisits Ultraman a very Japanese and early snes game.