MEGA MAN THEN TO NOW – Happy Console Gamer

The Happy Console Gamer gives an in depth look at the history of Mega Man our favorite blue robot.

Limited Edition Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary SNES Cart – Gamester81

Gamester81 shows off the new Street Fighter 2 anniversary edition. I hope it doesn’t blow up his super Nintendo 😁 

Tate Mode Engaged!

I recently went to NYC for our November Team1upem 80s/90s hiphop night, and while I was there Jaybaam and I hit the dump and we found this Dell Monitor that had multiple video inputs, one of which being S-video and I thought perfect for Tate mode shmups. I hooked it up to my Saturn and it works beautifully. I cant wait to hook it up to some other systems like the dreamcast and playstation to see how it runs.