RGB313 :: 240p Video on the Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 without a Mod – MY LIFE IN GAMING

3do is my jam and I didn’t know this little tidbit of info.

7 Gameboy Color hidden gems – Radical Reggie

Radical Reggie shows off 7 hidden gems for the Gameboy Color.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Official Trailer

Stretch goal for Bloodstained was an 8bit game well, that game is finally upon us with a late may release. This looks really cool, and for 9.99 I think it’s worth a bite.

After Burst retrospective: Solve-’em-up | Game Boy Works #107

Jeremy Parrish knocks another one out with this lovely after burst review.

Secret of Mana Remake PS4 | The Completionist | New Game Plus

Jirard The Completionist embarks on a journey to finish Secret of Mana for PS4.

10 Sonic the Hedgehog Games You Probably Skipped (But Shouldn’t) -Level 10- G to the Next Level

Gtothenextlevel of iretrogamer drops an amazing new video about the Sonic games you may have missed. He even surprised me with this one, another great video.

Roadster retrospective: From Game Boy to turbo teen | Game Boy Works #104

Jeremy Parrish delivers another fantastic edition Gameboy Works.

NUTS FOR NINTENDO special on ABC news 20/20 from 1988

This is incredibly cool and nostalgic, reminds of being a kid and getting my NES.