Aussie Rules Footy for the NES!

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In 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System developers Beam Software from Melbourne, Australia released the Aussie Rules Footy game. An exclusive to our PAL region (and Australia) the simulation game depicts in third person our Australian Rules Football #AussieRules. It's game play is pretty similar to the rules / moves of the actual real life game. Most of the teams you're able to select are still teams today but I am not sure if at that time there was a few thrown in like Darwin and Canberra. Overall this is a cool game that I am pretty happy with how it still stands up to the test of time. I do love a classic and I think this one has it in spades. Kicking it out of bounds on the full is also pretty funny. The voice over reminds me of my Uncle haha. @Team1UpEm I can't wait to see all the other International posts this week 👌 Remember to swipe to see the video 👉👈 #Team1UpEm #NES #Nintendo #NintendoCollector #RetroGamer #RetroGaming #Gaming #FunFact #GamerGirl #AustralianFootball #Football #Collector

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Retro Gaming Club: GOTM 1/18 – Road Rash II

Road Rash II for The Sega Genesis was developed by Electronic Arts, its arcade racing gaming with some action elements. Youre an illegal motorcycle racer who races for cash and is often chased by the police. You can punch, kick, and use weapons to knock the police and other racers from their bike. You can use money you win from races to purchase new bikes which can effect the way you drive. It has 25 levels of butt kickin’ action, do you have what it takes to be the street racing king?

This is a classic and one of the best games on the Genesis/Megadrive join me as I play through it for our Retro Gaming Club game of the month. Do you have any fond memories of this classic? Do you love it, hate it, never played it (GASP!)?

Tell us how you feel about the game in the comments and feel free to vote on our poll in the FORUMS.