8bitdo to release DIY wireless controller kits

8bitdo has done it again, not only do they make some of the best wireless controller you can buy for retro gaming but now they have made DIY kits to convert your classic controllers to be wireless. Here’s some more info and link to buy below.

Check it out

TheNesPursuit – The RARE unknown console – Episode 79

The retro liberty squad goes game hunting and in their travels they find a rare little gem for the Super Nintendo.

CUT N’ RUN The History of the new Atari…

For those of you whom may have backed atari latest venture or those skeptics like myself whom are curious if this is a scam/cash grab. There latest ventures have been broken down and what adds up is it stinks.

Paperboy 2 retrospective: A game about nothing? | Super NES Works #018

Jeremy is back this time with a SNES Retrospective on Paperboy 2.

Why We Create | A look at the people who develop new games for retro video game consoles.

Very interesting video on game development for retro consoles.