Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Wooden SNES Cart

Wood Zelda LA SNES Cart

I was on the reddit and I found this image of this amazing wooden Zelda Links Awakening cart for SNES. Now i dont know if its functional which I doubt but still really awesome. Id love to do something like this replace all my carts with wood.

Nokia N-Gage Complete Collection Plus More!

The immortal John Hancock shows off his incredible Nokia N-Gage collection. I bought my N-Gage day one, it was a ridiculous purchase in retrospect but I was emulating NES games on it in 2003/04 so that was cool.

Spy Vs. Spy NES Review | Nefarious Wes

The Nefarious Wes aka Westapo is giving us a review of an uncommon NES game Spy vs Spy a Mad Magazine classic.

Tron Themed N64

Diego Orta made this beautiful Tron themed N64 that glows like something from out of this world. A truly stunning and beautiful piece. 

Tate Mode Engaged!

I recently went to NYC for our November Team1upem 80s/90s hiphop night, and while I was there Jaybaam and I hit the dump and we found this Dell Monitor that had multiple video inputs, one of which being S-video and I thought perfect for Tate mode shmups. I hooked it up to my Saturn and it works beautifully. I cant wait to hook it up to some other systems like the dreamcast and playstation to see how it runs.

Zelda animated TV series review |Cinnemassacre

James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd gives us a review of the classic Saturday morning cartoon The Legend of Zelda. 

BEST GAMING XMAS GIFTS 80s and 90s – Happy Console Gamer

The Happy Console Gamer brings us back to the golden years of Christmas with some great memories from his childhood.