Super Bases Loaded retrospective: Yer out | Super NES Works #014

Jeremy Parish delivers a fever pitch in his latest episode of snes works looking back at Super Bases Loaded for Super Nintendo. 

Cool Compilations & Awesome Anthologies – Game Sack

The Game Sack crew comes with another great video. This time they visit compilations and anthologies for a variety of different systems and varying in quality. Check it out. 

The adventures of pinocchio Review (Game Boy Unreleased) – Benevolent Dick

Benevolent Dick blesses us with a nice review of Adventures of Pinocchio an unreleased game for Game Boy. Watch the review to find out if this games worth your time. 

Retro Gaming Club: GOTM 1/18 – Road Rash II

Road Rash II for The Sega Genesis was developed by Electronic Arts, its arcade racing gaming with some action elements. Youre an illegal motorcycle racer who races for cash and is often chased by the police. You can punch, kick, and use weapons to knock the police and other racers from their bike. You can use money you win from races to purchase new bikes which can effect the way you drive. It has 25 levels of butt kickin’ action, do you have what it takes to be the street racing king?

This is a classic and one of the best games on the Genesis/Megadrive join me as I play through it for our Retro Gaming Club game of the month. Do you have any fond memories of this classic? Do you love it, hate it, never played it (GASP!)?

Tell us how you feel about the game in the comments and feel free to vote on our poll in the FORUMS.


Mega Ran – The Year In Gaming 2017 (produced by K-Murdock)

Every year Mega Ran does the year in Gaming via song and this year is no different. Did your favorite game. Make the cut? Watch and find out. Also produced by K-Murdock so expect some fire. 

The Games We Enjoyed in 2017 : Game Showcase – MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming brings us their top picks for 2017 and they have a rock solid list! They also tell us about the games they beat in 2017. Watch to find out! 

Top 10 video games of 2017 with Radical Reggie – Media Glitch

Media Glitch teams up with Radical Reggie to give us a look at their top games of 2017.

The Super Nintendo in 1991 – Classic Gaming Quarterly 

Classic Gaming Quarterly is back with a new video about the SNES back in the good ol days of 1991. 

$400 N64 with HDMI?! Is it WORTH IT?! – Metal Jesus Rocks

Metal Jesus gives us the run down of the new N64 hdmi mod. It’s pricey but is it worth it?