CUT N’ RUN The History of the new Atari…

For those of you whom may have backed atari latest venture or those skeptics like myself whom are curious if this is a scam/cash grab. There latest ventures have been broken down and what adds up is it stinks.

Paperboy 2 retrospective: A game about nothing? | Super NES Works #018

Jeremy is back this time with a SNES Retrospective on Paperboy 2.

Why We Create | A look at the people who develop new games for retro video game consoles.

Very interesting video on game development for retro consoles.

Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio: Episode 10 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 10!
In this episode Kevin aka @tanookisuitmario (IG) visits and the guys do the run down on new upcoming releases for switch and xboxone the genesis mini, new movies, Edd’s love for Stardew Valley and so much more! Tune in and rate and subscribe!