Team 1-Up ‘Em Radio: Episode 04

1upem radio 04 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 04

The boys talk Katsucon, Celeste for Nintendo Switch, Fortnite, and much more!

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Team1upem Radio: Episode 03 presents 1-Up ‘Em Radio Episode 03
In this spine tingling adventure we do an interview with Team 1-Up ‘Em head honcho Jaybaam. Check it out and make sure to subscribe and rate!

Celebrating the Wii Shop: Virtual Console & WiiWare Games :: Game Showcase – MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming remembers the amazing Wii ware and virtual console aka the Wii shop by Nintendo. I personally loved it. I spent a fortune on the virtual console and ironically that’s what got me back into collecting.

New 8-Bit Boy Portable HD NES Handheld Review – Gamester81

This looks like a pretty decent console… It retails for 99.99 and it’s HD and handheld. The button placement is kind of iffy which gamester81 goes over. Overall it looks real nice and is very appealing. What do you guys think?

Game Packaging I Have Never Seen Before by John Hancock

John shows off a rare Sega Master System box. I’ve never seen one like this, pretty awesome!

Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Controller

While I was celebrating the birthday of Nintendo Switch with the Team on Saturday, this little beauty showed up on my doorstep. I’ll be doing an unboxing, 1st impressions, and overview tonight on our twitch channel.