Top 10 Super Nintendo Games that Made my Childhood SNES-tacular!

Cygnus the Destroyer is back with another top 10 video. This time he tells about his favorite games from his childhood. 

Classic Game Room Producing New Shows for Amazon!?!?

@classicgameroom announced on Twitter today that it would be producing 2 new shows for Amazon! That’s pretty awesome. You can already enjoy Classic Game Room via Amazon Prime so this is a welcomed announcement. We look forward to see what’s coming in the future. 

The 3DO – Retrospective – IMPLANTgames

Implant Games dissects the 3do a system that doesn’t get any respect and is often hailed as one of the worst systems of all time. I beg to differ and think the 3do is quite solid, watch the video to see how implant games ranks the system. 

How to Clean, Restore & Maintain Old NES, SNES, Genesis, Mega Drive & Master System Game Cartridges

Roxolid productions shows us how to Clean and restore our old games. This is a must watch video if you’ve  ever wondered how to get those crummy old carts with marker and stickers looking showroom new! 

How to Play, Capture and Stream Real Arcade Games at home with a Supergun – No Emulation ! 

Modern Vintage Gaming show off the amazing Supergun! Wow this thing is so rad. If you want to play arcade game I gotta say this might be a must have. 

Unboxing The Last Licensed North American NES Game: Wario’s Woods! FACTORY SEALED!

Miketendo breaks the seal on Wario Woods for NES. Check it out above. 

Kickstarter: NESmaker

NESmaker is a cool little project I found out about the other day. Basically you get a software that will help you build games on your PC without any knowledge of coding or programming. This was done years ago on the Playstation One with RPG Maker but this NES project seems very cool and appealing. One of the tiers for backing on Kickstarter is getting the software, a rom board, rom flasher, and cart to make your very own playable NES cart for your Nintendo Entertainment system. Let’s say you make a game you can upload the rom online to share. If it gets good feedback you can essentially buy a ton of rom board and blank carts and make your own games to possibly give away to friends. A pretty rad concept and an excellent reason to buy. When I found out about the project they we’re about $20,000 in on their $32,000 at the time of writing this article, they’ve smashed their goal and heading right around $40,000 with 27 days left. This project has my attention and possibly my backing. To support NESmaker Check it out HERE.

Hyperkin’s Ultra Gameboy

CES has been going down all week and one of the head turners was the Ultra Gameboy by Hyperkin. Hyperkin is hoping to resurrect the Gameboy in 2018 with a price tage of 100 dollars or less. While the design looks pretty nice and it boasts some interesting features such as backlight lit black and white screen a 6 hour lithium battery that charges with a USB-C cable, stereo speakers which is odd because Gameboy games only output mono sound but this is apparently for the audiophiles that make chiptunes with their Gameboy. I’m not too impressed by this considering I can buy an SP or DS for 20 bucks any day of the week and those are in color! EIther way an interesting device that has us interested.

Super Bases Loaded retrospective: Yer out | Super NES Works #014

Jeremy Parish delivers a fever pitch in his latest episode of snes works looking back at Super Bases Loaded for Super Nintendo.