Classic Game Room – SUPER ALESTE review for Super Nintendo

Mark from Classic Game Room kills it in another great review this time for the incredible Super Aleste aka Space Megaforce for Super Nintendo. 

Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Wooden SNES Cart

Wood Zelda LA SNES Cart

I was on the reddit and I found this image of this amazing wooden Zelda Links Awakening cart for SNES. Now i dont know if its functional which I doubt but still really awesome. Id love to do something like this replace all my carts with wood.

Nokia N-Gage Complete Collection Plus More!

The immortal John Hancock shows off his incredible Nokia N-Gage collection. I bought my N-Gage day one, it was a ridiculous purchase in retrospect but I was emulating NES games on it in 2003/04 so that was cool.

Spy Vs. Spy NES Review | Nefarious Wes

The Nefarious Wes aka Westapo is giving us a review of an uncommon NES game Spy vs Spy a Mad Magazine classic.

Tron Themed N64

Diego Orta made this beautiful Tron themed N64 that glows like something from out of this world. A truly stunning and beautiful piece. 

Tate Mode Engaged!

I recently went to NYC for our November Team1upem 80s/90s hiphop night, and while I was there Jaybaam and I hit the dump and we found this Dell Monitor that had multiple video inputs, one of which being S-video and I thought perfect for Tate mode shmups. I hooked it up to my Saturn and it works beautifully. I cant wait to hook it up to some other systems like the dreamcast and playstation to see how it runs.

Zelda animated TV series review |Cinnemassacre

James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd gives us a review of the classic Saturday morning cartoon The Legend of Zelda.