$400 N64 with HDMI?! Is it WORTH IT?! – Metal Jesus Rocks

Metal Jesus gives us the run down of the new N64 hdmi mod. It’s pricey but is it worth it? 

Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (NES) Review – Repro Roundup

@Shauntendo64 brings his latest video in the Repro Roundup series. This time Shaun visits Super Mario Bros 3mix. Shaun does some great reviews and admittedly he also makes some great repros as well, thanks for my Wings of Wor and Elimantion Down. 

Classic Game Room – BLASTER MASTER ZERO review for Nintendo Switch

Marc aka Lord Karnage giving us a review of Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. 

RetroGame Handheld Emulator Console Review 

ETA Prime gives us the breakdown of the RetroGame Handheld (is this the most generic name ever). It uses the Revo k101 body and allows good emulation for a number of retro consoles could be a good alternative to the psp if the price is right. 

Super Mario Land 2 DX!? 

Big News just came in… Rom hacker Toruzz has released this beautiful Rom Patch of the incredible Super Mario Land 2 in full color and will play perfectly on original hardware. Act fast though as once this wind hits Nintendo’s sails they’ll crush it. Source link below. 


Console Wars – Home Alone 2 – Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis

The console Wars are back at it and in the holiday spirit dueling it out with Home Alone 2.  Which game is better you’ll need to watch to find out. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Team1upem! 

Hello this is your friend Vega aka @mrvegagenesis from Team1upem wishing you all a happy and safe holiday! Game hard and have fun.  I hope Santa brings you all cheer and blessings. Join us Saturday night at SuperChief Gallery in Queens to bring in the new year with a DBZ themed party. Happy Holidays!